Winner of Multilayer Anti-Malware Protection Awards


Management Server

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows is fully controllable through the ESET Safe Management Center. Deployment, task execution, policy setting, logging and receiving notifications and a security overview of your network – all through a glass pane

Low system demand

 Antivirus protects against the overwhelming use of system resources for the core applications that daily users depend on. It can be deployed on older devices without needing to update, thus extending the lifetime of the hardware

Multilayer defense

A single layer of defense is not enough to threaten the prospects of today’s developments. All ESET end products have the capability to detect before, during, and after the malware runs. Focusing on the entire lifecycle of the malware, not just one particular part, allows ESET to have the highest level of protection possible

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows

ESET NOD32® award-winning technology delivers superior protection against advanced malware with unparalleled light footprint and speed

Protect against ransomware

Block targeted attacks

Prevent data breach

Avoid zero day attacks

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