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Privacy Policy:

Atlas company needs a few information of purchaser like phone, address and ……. Any this company committee to protect of your Privacy

Note that all the available content such as logos, icons and image and video text and ….. Can be copied and download .and this content belong to atlas company, any use without legal written license   reserves the right to institute legal proceedings. Furthermore, The names of the services offered through any of the services provided by the Atlas Company Website and registered trademarks are also exclusive and any use for commercial purposes is subject to legal prosecution

The only approved source are in our official site

Submit and sending the order:

Our company’s working days are Saturday till Thursday except official holidays and weekends and all the orders will sending in work days or a day after holidays or weekend   

If any problems is in your order like cancel it by the purchaser the order the amount will back in your bank account in 48 hours later

Any member must fill the purchase form correctly, if fill it with unreal or wrong information the order will not be delivered so any address or email phone and mobile number considered as correct information. Although any customer can write the information of another person who will receive the order and if the bill is payed this person must show his id when he received the order.

If you purchase online it is not possible Reissue invoice or changing the personal information like changing it of the real factor to the legal. So it’s essential the purchasers notice this issue when they submit the order.

The purchaser can’t cancel   the order after submit by the company (seller) or any of this stages, send, payed, in observe process

It’s not possible to receive the order in the public places and delivery address must be accurate and reliable.

All the rules can be performed in normal situation if any unmoral situation happen Atlas Company doesn’t have any responsibility toward purchasers.

If there’s any problem please contact with us


In Atlas Company we answer your needs of support from 8 am to 22 pm in fastest way possible.

If you have any Criticism inform us


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