All the users who intend to purchase from atlas company site must fully read the terms of this agreement and rules then purchase from the site.

(Submit or purchase of our site means you agreed with the purchase and submit condition/terms)

Title 1: membership

Section 1

People must visit the membership section to join the site in this step by entering your information such as name, last name, password or email the configuration link will send for them which users can confirm by click on it

Section 2

If users forgot their username and password they can submit again and get the new username and password

Section 3

Users must enter the correct name, email and ……. And accept the Consequences of entering the wrong information

Section 4

Membership in Atlass Company site is completely free.

Title 2: purchase process

Part 1:

Visit the merchandise and service we provide in our site

Part 2:

Pay online the specific amount (or applying for a discount coupon)

Part 3:

 Manager must send the receipt of the merchandise and services purchased in the form of an email or SMS to the email or mobile of the user


If the purchaser try to buy the merchandise with unreal name and last name and ….. And if company notice the act company can cancel the order

Title 3:

The copyright of this site is belong to Atlas Company and all goods have the official license of ministry guidance and any copyright is illegal


Company gives this information just for users knowledge

Part 1:

Merchandise information

Part 2:

All the costs are on purchaser

Part 3:

Validity of bids submitted

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