Antiviruse Nod32 eset edition 2020

Basic protection against hackers and malware


Simple and reliable protection

NOD32 Antivirus is fine-tuned to save resources for your gaming, watching videos, photos or presentations at any moment. No interruptions, pure enjoyment

Install introduction of version 13

At first clear your last antivirus software

Put the disk into your device and run the autoran

Note you must be connected to internet in whole process

In this step fill the required part (that printed on your license key card or the one which saved in drive c and) then click on submit and activation button

If your license submit successfully you will get your username and password meanwhile a text file with your information will save in drive c

In this stage choose your anti-virus version and now insert your username and password then click on installation button

(Read tutorial part for choosing the right version)

Don’t change the current country Click on continue

نصی انتی ویروس نود32 ورژن 13

Note if you install previous version unmark the install newer version option

At this step click the skip activation option in the lower right corner

نصب انتی ویروس نود32 ورژن 13

نصب انتی ویروس نود32 ورژن 13

Put both option in enable condition

Mark the YES option then click on install

Again click on install

اموزش نصب انتی ویروس نود32

You can see the process of installation situation

اموزش نصب انتی ویروس نود32 ورژن13

After installation you must restart your computer in this condition your antivirus can get the first update

اموزش نصب انتی ویروس نود32 ورژن 13

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