Protect Microsoft SharePoint data with multilayer technology


Multilayer protection

Defense and endpoint detection and response with ESET Inspector. Focusing on the entire lifecycle of the malware, not just one particular part, allows ESET to have the highest level of protection possible

Unparalleled performance

ESET products continue to excel in the field and win third-party tests that prove how lightweight our systems endpoints are. ESET Security for SharePoint is built on a 64-bit kernel and includes DLL modules to ensure more memory, faster PC startup time, and allows us to native to future versions of Windows. Support

Machine learning

All ESET products currently use machine learning over other defense layers and have been doing so since 1997. In particular, machine learning is used as a combination of output and neural networks

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server

Advanced protection for SharePoint servers against malicious uploads and unwanted files. Ensures a stable and conflict-free server environment