ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

Protect your users and your email, exploit the most threatening vector


Multilayer protection

The first layer works with proprietary anti-spam technology, which filters spam messages at almost 100% accuracy with third-party testing. The second layer is our antivirus scanner that detects suspicious attachments. An additional layer can be run in the form of a cloud sandbox with ESET Dynamic Threat Defense

Dedicated technology

ET Mail Security Solutions uses anti-spam, anti-phishing and host server protection, integrating machine learning, big data and human expertise into an award-winning e-mail security platform

Strong quarantine management

If messages are guaranteed, users receive emails that allow them to manage their messages. In addition, supervisors can submit summary reports on a regular basis. But if someone is waiting for an email message, an administrator can easily decide to delete or publish a central quarantine message

mail security eset for Microsoft Exchange Server

Provides another layer of security for organizations that want to prevent threats to their users