ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino

Protect your users email


Multilayer protection

The first layer works with proprietary anti-spam technology, which filters spam messages at almost 100% accuracy with third-party testing. The second layer is our antivirus scanner that detects suspicious attachments

Dedicated technology

ESET Mail Security Solutions uses anti-spam, anti-phishing and host server protection, integrating machine learning, big data and human expertise into an award-winning e-mail security platform

Flexible and scalable

ESET Mail Security enables component-based installation, and enables the administrator to select only one specific component of the solution. ESET Mail Security also allows you to block access to specific objects or processes from scanning, thus minimizing process interference to improve backup speed and processing integrity

ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino

Another layer of real-time email protection against targeted attacks, phishing and malware Complete layers of security overlay