ESET Endpoint Security

Winner of Multilayer Anti-Malware Protection Awards


Ongoing Management Predictor Threats

ESET Security Management handles end products from a glass screen and can be installed on Windows or Linux. In addition to installation, ESET has a virtual device that you can easily insert for quick and easy setup

Machine learning

Currently all ESET Endpoint products use machine learning along with our other defense layers and have been doing so since 1997. In particular, machine learning is used as a combination of output and neural networks

Multilayer defense

A single layer of defense is not enough for the landscape of today’s developments. All ESET end products have the ability to detect threats before, during, and after the malware runs. Focusing on the entire lifecycle of the malware, not just one particular part, allows ESET to have the highest level of protection possible

ESET Endpoint Security for windows

It uses a multi-layer approach that uses multiple technologies in dynamic equilibrium to constantly balance performance, detection and false positives

Identify advanced persistent threats

Manage persistent pre-existing threats

Stop unfiltered attacks

Block targeted attacks

Prevent data breach

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